Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism

Bahagia sekaligus bangga, bisa terpilih untuk memberikan kontribusi tulisan pada buku tentang craftivism ini. Sementara aku pasang review dan endorsmentterlebih dahulu. Untuk resensinya akan aku publikasikan dalam terbitan yang berbeda. Craftivism is a worldwide movement that operates at the intersection of craft and activism; Craftivism the book is full of inspiration for crafters who want to create works that add to the greater good. In these essays, interviews, and images, craftivists from four continents reveal how they are changing the world with their art. Through examples that range from community embroidery projects, stitching in prisons, revolutionary ceramics, AIDS activism, yarn bombing, and crafts that facilitate personal growth, Craftivism provides imaginative examples of how crafters can be creative and altruistic at the same time. Selanjutnya baca di sini